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Seniors Card holders receive all Loams, Sands, Mulches, Gravels, and Blue Metals, at trade prices on presentation of their Card!

Dune Sand has grain sizes of 2mm and less. Dune sand is suitable to use in horse arenas, can be used in concrete and can be combined with other sands for use in golf course bunkers.

Bunker Sand has grain sizes of 4mm and less. Bunker Sand is great for golf course bunkers, children's sand pits, and coring lawns (aerating soil). It may also be suitable for planning some succulents.

Bedding Sand is a screened fine sand and the colour can vary from whitish to brown or grey. Bedding Sand is great to use as a bedding around pipes and cables, and under foundations (concrete slabs). It can also be used as a fill. Bedding Sand isn’t suitable for paving, for this we recommend Coarse Sand or Fine Metal Dust.

FCR (also called Wet Mix or Road Base) is dust to stones 22mm in size. FCR is a blue metal product, but can have some sand and limestone in it and can vary in colour. FCR is great under concrete slabs and pavers, to use for roadways, driveways and pathways. It may also be suitable for putting in fence posts in some settings.

Concrete Mix (also called Builder’s Mix or Pre-mix) is a blend of white sand, blue metal (14mm and less), and metal dust. No cement has been added, mix with cement and water to make concrete. For your convenience, we sell 20kg bags of GP Cement.

We also make a concrete mix with 7mm blue metal which is suitable for core-filling blocks.

14mm Blue Metal (also called Bluestone) has stone sizes from 10-14mm. This product is great for driveways, pathways, and is used in Concrete Mix. 14mm Blue Metal can also be blended with white/gold limestone gravels for a different finish to driveways, pathways, or as a decorative garden mulch.

Fat Sand, also called Brickie’s sand, is what you need for making mortar for laying and pointing bricks and for grouting. When mixed with coarse sand, it can also be used for rendering. It may also be a suitable bedding around pond liner pools.

We produce this Grey Fat Sand on site and also stock the yellow coloured fat sand you may be more familiar with.

Fat sand is not suitable for making concrete, drainage applications or growing grass.