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Lazenby Sand produces a range of sands and soils, from fine washed white sand to the dirt* you need for your garden!

We sell direct to the public by the bag, ute, trailer, or truck load. We also deliver to most eastern and western shore areas around greater Hobart. EFTPOS available.

*We like to call our dirt "loam"

Fertilised Loam

Fertilised Loam is a blend of sandy and heavy soils with added Aglime, chicken manure and our own Soil Conditioner. This product is perfect for top dressing lawns and for vegetable gardens. Fertilised Loam is not suitable for native plants and other plants requiring a low pH. For these applications we recommend our Plain Loam.

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Garden Mix

Garden Mix is a mix of Special Loam, Coarse Sand and Potting Sand, blended with our own Soil Conditioner (which includes Aglime and chicken manure). It has grain sizes up to 8mm and an acidity of around pH 6.5. Garden Mix is excellent in raised garden beds and for plants such as vegetables and flowers. […]

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Lawn Mix

Lawn Mix is a screened soil blended with our own Soil Conditioner. Lawn Mix is great for both seeded lawns and under instant turf.

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Plain Loam

Plain Loam is a screened soil that is perfect for planting natives. mixing into heavy soils, using as a sub base on clay for lawns, or as a base product if you’d like to add your own fertilisers.

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Sandy Loam

Sandy Loam is a sandy soil that has been screened with a soil acidity of around pH 5 to pH 6. Sandy Loam can be used for native plants, to cover transpiration pits, and be mixed into the top layer of clay soils.

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Soil Conditioner

Soil Conditioner is our in-house mix of composted hardwood and softwood sawdust and soft bark, blended with Ag lime and chicken manure. Use Soil Conditioner to enhance existing soils in your garden.

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Special Loam

Special Loam is a screened soil blended with our own Soil Conditioner. With a soil acidity is around pH 6 to 6.5, Special Loam is a universal loam that can be used for most purposes

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